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Karen Stewart and Kris Zurek R.N.M.H., ITEC, SNHS, Members of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapists

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What If My Thyroid Tests Are Normal

Are You One of The People Who’s Thyroid Tests Appear To Be Normal But You Feel That Still Something Is Wrong?

Did you know that most patients never get a comprehensive thyroid test to being with? When the are told they are normal it’s usually when their Doctor let them know their TSH is out of the pathological rang, which is >4.5. Below you can see an example of lab work looks to most Doctors.

It’s very important to note that 95% of the population comprise the so called “Normal” range. Just go look around and you’ll be hard pressed to find 95% of people you know with normal health. As the population gets sicker, the references get wider, decreasing the chance of conventional labs picking up on your thyroid condition. This puts things in a new perspective, doesn’t it.

Functional Medicine looks at thyroid tests on a functional spectrum of thyroid health. This allows more patient’s with thyroid issues to be detected and not slip through the cracks like they would in the conventional medical world.

Did you know that it’s possible to have a normal thyroid blood test and still have a low body temperature? It’s always best to look at both temperature, thyroid function and adrenal functional when addressing harder thyroid cases.

Adequate body temperature ranges between:
-97.8-98.2 degrees for the axillary area (armpit).
-98.2-98.6 degrees for the oral area (mouth).

Healthy thyroid temperature shouldn’t vary more than 0.3 degrees per day. If you see a variance of great than 0.3 degrees per day, this is a sign of adrenal stress. Adrenal fatigue can also contribute to thyroid dysfunction.

Some individuals may need small amounts of natural thyroid hormone to jump start their system, others may need a more comprehensive approach that looks at addressing the adrenal glands and the nutrients required for healthy T4 to T3 conversion. Either way I strongly urge anyone in this situation to get a comprehensive assessment to figure out which approach is best.