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Karen Stewart and Kris Zurek R.N.M.H., ITEC, SNHS, Members of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapists

Holistic Health Centre,
Cloonloo, Boyle,
Co. Sligo.

Tel: 071 966 3311
Mobile: 087 972 8044

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Mangala Face Cream For Women

MANGALA Face Cream is more than a face cream. It is a skin treatment at its best.

What makes this cream unique?

Mangala Face Cream is a beautiful gift for those who like to use only the best and most pure of ingredients on their skin. It boasts a ‘No Nonsense’ approach both in it’s ingredient content and in it’s delivery of skin regeneration. Harnessing the best from Mother Nature, this cream contains a proprietary blend of Calendula oil, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Aloe Vera and Silver Hydrosol and essential oils of lavender, sweet orange and ylang ylang. You also will be happy to learn that there are no hidden synthetic chemicals, preservatives or additives used in the production of this cream. (detailed info about health benefits of the ingredients contained in Mangala – click here)


I know this cream is pure natural goodness for my skin. When applied, it is easily absorbed and leaves my skin feeling moisturised, soft, supple and protected. …” 

– Anne Marie (from Boyle, Co. Roscommon)



The ingredients have the following versatile benefits for your skin:

  • Superior Moisturising/Increased hydration,
  • Anti-Aging, Cell Regeneration,
  • Neutralising of free radicals that comes from air pollution,
  • Improved elasticity making skin smooth and supple,
  • Reduces redness from exposure to sun’s UV rays

Mangala Face Cream is hand made in Ireland with passion and care from ingredients mostly organic with main ingredient (Calendula Oil) produced on site at Karuna Flame, near Boyle, Co. Sligo.

We wish you the same passion for using this cream, and our other wonderful Calendula based products, as we have for creating and preparing them.

Love yourself- Give yourself the best


Buy online or in selected retail outlets (list of shops will follow soon)

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