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Kris Zurek (SNHS) Member of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapist

Karen Stewart Holistic Health Therapist

Holistic Health Centre,
Cloonloo, Boyle,
Co. Sligo.

Tel: 071 966 3311
Mobile: 087 972 8044

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Q: What does it feel like ?

A: As the device moves over the surface of the skin a comfortable tingling sensation is felt. In cases of severe pain or acute conditions the sensations may be stronger…


Q: How does SCENAR work on a disease condition ?

A: Patients having SCENAR treatment need to take responsibility for their health and are advised to actively participate in the treatment and recovery process. The chemical compounds released by the nerves affect not only the problem areas, but also circulate in the blood, treating other areas of the body. This goes some way to explain how old and often forgotten problems are brought to the surface for treatment.

… We do not make any claims regarding curing any disease, although the SCENAR treatments has proven very valuable


Q: How often will I need treatment ?

A: In order to create a continuous flow of circulating regulative peptides, SCENAR action must be given quite often. For any fresh injury or any acute inflammatory process, treatment needs to be intensive; ideally once or even twice daily. For chronic conditions treatments are ideally given several times a week initially, reducing as things improve.


Q: What about my conventional treatment ?

A: If you are receiving treatment from your doctor it makes sense to inform him or her about SCENAR therapy. Treatment may enable you to reduce or even stop taking some medication – under the supervision of your doctor of course.


Q: What else do I need to know ?

A: In treating chronic conditions, occasionally a healing crisis may occur (experienced as a complete lack of energy and malaise) due to the body getting rid of toxic energy too rapidly. There are techniques that can be used with SCENAR to manage this. Exceptional results are achieved when treating sportsmen and women with immediate injuries and especially if treatment is done as soon as possible after the injury. Do not shower or bath for two hours before and after SCENAR Therapy, as the optimal effectiveness of the treatment will be disturbed by the washing of the skin.


Q: Is it safe ?

A: As the SCENAR impulse is similar to endogenous nerve impulses, it is non-damaging and safe. Only people with cardiac pacemakers cannot be treated.


Q: How much does it differ from other therapies ?

Only the SCENAR combines energy measuring functions along with real-time feedback and constant adjustment, to deliver the correct type and amount of energy to the body. This means each impulse is different from the previous one, so the body is unable to adapt to the signal. The SCENAR impulse is high amplitude, so it stimulates C-fibres which make up about 85% of the nerves in the body. This explains the rapid effectiveness of SCENAR treatment on the whole body.


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