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Kris Zurek (SNHS) Member of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapist

Karen Stewart Holistic Health Therapist

Holistic Health Centre,
Cloonloo, Boyle,
Co. Sligo.

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Pregnancy Massage

Helping the Mum ‘To Be’

Pregnancy Massage

A woman can connect more with her body and her baby. In pregnancy the body undergoes huge changes and pregnancy massage helps to relieve many of the symptoms associated with pregnancy, from the morning sickness of first trimester to the lower backache or breathlessness of third trimester. In supporting the woman to get more in touch with the wisdom of her body, this is also a great preparation for birth.

In the safe and caring therapeutic space that Karen creates, people are treated and respected for the individuals that they are and a reverence for creation is experienced.

Client’s comments

“It was great, I want to stay here forever”

“Physically I felt great after the massage and my mind was relaxed.”

“Karen’s wisdom and sensitivity always comes through in her work…..I felt that I got more than massage- it was like a holistic ante-natal class…..for the first time in my life I learned to really relax…The visualisation was so powerful, this is a tool that I will carry forward to use in my life..”

“The massage was very relaxing. The exercises were a great help and overall I found sessions to be very encouraging …I got to give birth the way I wanted”

Pregnancy Massage The Benefits

For the Mum “to be”

  • Relaxation of mind and body
  • Relief of uncomfortable symptoms including nausea, backache, oedema, anxiety.
  • Assists in getting in touch more with her body-very important for birthing.
  • Facilitates deeper connection with the baby and promotes early bonding
  • Physical and psychological preparation for birth
  • Stretch mark prevention
  • Promotes nurturing and well-being
  • Holistic support

For the Baby

  • Relaxation and Stimulation
  • Facilitates early bonding with parents.
  • Promotes development

For the Dad “to be”

  • Fosters a deeper connection between Dad and baby.
  • Brings the three (Mum, Dad and baby) together in a caring, loving way-setting a good foundation for family.
  • Helps Dad feel more involved.
  • Prepares and supports Dad to play an active role in supporting his partner at birth.
  • Empowering

Neuroscience has now proven that “love matters” in terms of brain development. We can start this process of loving touch while baby is still in the womb and we can start this process by caring for the carer, YOU. It is our birthright to feel loved.

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