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Kris Zurek (SNHS) Member of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapist

Karen Stewart Holistic Health Therapist

Holistic Health Centre,
Cloonloo, Boyle,
Co. Sligo.

Tel: 071 966 3311
Mobile: 087 972 8044

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Photon Light Stimulation Treatments

Our Photon Stimulation Treatments take color therapy to a new exciting level!

The Light is generated by electronic stimulation of xenon gas with set of 20 different pulses, thus producing the coherent photonic energy most like sunlight, very pleasant and soothing.

The colours used by us are 24 in number: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, scarlet, lemon, turquoise, magenta, orange-yellow, red-orange, lemon-green, green-turquoise, turquoise-blue, gold, teal, light blue, cherry, fuchsia, grape and pink. These are the original colours researched and developed by scientist Dinshah Ghadiali

Headaches: BlueThese colours has been found healing for many health conditions:

Allergies: Indigo  Excessive Appetite: Indigo
Decreased Appetite: Yellow
Arthritis: Violet
Asthma: Red
Back Pain: Blue
Colds: Red
Coughs: Blue
Diabetes: Indigo
Nausea: Blue


We also use Photon/Light/Colour protocols, which assist in detoxification of heavy metals i.e. Mercuryfrom the cells of the body.

Our Light Therapy also offers LLLT – Low Level Laser Therapy (for joint and tissue regeneration) – you may ask us for details.


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Your appointment is secured only upon receipt of your pre-payment (non-refundable deposit) for the specified treatment or test.

Every client must become familiar with our Cancellation Policy & Fee Schedule  prior to a visit

Pre-Paid Appointment
Pre-Paid Appointment
This is obligatory and non-refundable pre-payment for any appointment, health screening, and/or treatment. Pre-payment is 30 Euro + 2 E processing fees. The remaining fee will be paid in cash on the day of the visit, if required. ... In the window below (instruction), write the type of service you are booking for.
Price: €32.00

If you do not have credit/debit card or online PayPal account, please forward a Postal Order (leaving ‘pay to’ section blank, for the sum of Euro 32) to arrive at the Centre/Clinic not later than 3 days before the date of appointment. Please include your name, contact number and the test and/or treatment, that you are booking for.



Scientific Research:

A Russian scientist, Pjotr Garjajev, has managed to intercept communication from a DNA molecule in the form of ultraviolet photons — in other words, light. This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who is familiar with the biophoton work of Fritz-Albert Popp.

It is well known that if you use UV light to destroy 99 percent of a cell, including its DNA, you can almost entirely repair the damage in a single day just by illuminating the cell with the same wavelength at a much weaker intensity.

This phenomenon is known as photo-repair.

Following the work of Popp, scientists around the globe have begun to consider that your body’s communication system might be a complex network of resonance and frequency.

Dan Eden, writing for Viewzone, reports:

“Popp had begun experimenting … If cancer-causing chemicals could alter the body’s biophoton emissions, then it might be that other substances could reintroduce better communication … Mistletoe … appeared to help the body to ‘resocialise’ the photon emissions of tumor cells back to normal.

In one of numerous cases, Popp came across a woman in her thirties who had breast and vaginal cancer. Popp found a mistletoe remedy that created coherence in her cancer tissue samples … After a year, all her laboratory tests were virtually back to normal.” 


LIGHT has a beneficial effects on the body by the following actions:
  • Light reestablishes the body’s regulation system
  • May improve organ functions               
  • Strengthens and unblocks Meridian flow
  • Supports Parasympathetic response
  • Helps remove SNS blockages via Solotinic Waves
  • Helps in reestablishing the body’s own cell-to-cell communication network
  • Therapeutic Entrainment of the brain
  • Cellular excitation to higher energy levels
  • Improves Transcellular Permeability
  • May increase Superconductivity in the nervous system and the body in general


Our treatments can incorporate:

Photonic Meridian TherapyColor Tonation
(applying color to the skin surface)

(PMT) (applying color to acupoints)

Syntonic Optometry
(visual and emotional therapies via the eyes)

Brainwave Synchronization
(pulsed light from 2-20 pulses per second)

Iris Phototherapy
(application of light to the ANS and CNS tissue and reflex areas in the iris)


Our  Photon Light/Colour can also be focused and directed to various tissues and organs through the eyes or via acupuncture points all over the body including acu-points on ears, using special fibreoptic probe. Affected areas can also be stimulated directly over the skin.

Light/Colour Therapy can also work with specific seven energy centres in the body:

# 7 Violet:- is the colour of the crown chakra. It is cleansing, strengthening, and awakening, suppresses appetite, provides a peaceful environment. It affects the skeletal system of the body. It is a good colour for improving immunity, cancerous conditions, and arthritis. It also purifies the system and is an excellent color for headaches and migrains. Spiritually it is the color of faith and connects us to our spiritual self.

# 6 Indigo:- is the colour for healing of the brow chakra. It is a good colour for sinusitis, immunity problems, and all face problems. Too much of this color can cause depression. Spiritually it is the colour of intuition and connects us to our unconscious self.

# 5 Blue:- is the colour for the throat chakra. It is a good color in respiratory illness or throat infections. Blue is calming and cooling to our system and hence, a good color to counteract hypertension. Spiritually it is the color of health and connects us to holistic thought.

# 4 Green:- affects the heart chakra. It has a calming effect and balances the nervous system. Green color is soothing, relaxing mentally as well as physically, helps those suffering from depression, anxiety, nervousness. It is a good colour for cardiac conditions, high blood pressure and ulcers. Since green stimulates growth, it should be avoided in cancers and other tumors. Spiritually it is the colour of love and connects us to perfect love.

# 3 Yellow:- is the solar plexus chakra. It energizes, relieves depression, improves memory, stimulates appetite and helps in digestive problems. Spiritually it is the color of wisdom and connects us to our mental self.

#2  Orange:- is the color of joy and wisdom. It affects the second chakra (sacral). It gives an energy, stimulates appetite and it is a good color for illnesses of the colon and digestion. Spiritually it is the color of joy. It connects us to our emotional self.

# 1 Red:- stimulates brain wave activity, increases heart rate, respirations and blood pressure, excites sexual glands. It energizes the first chakra (coccyx). It warms us and awakens us physically and energizes our blood. It is a good color to wear when we have colds and poor circulation. Too much red can over stimulate and make some illnesses worse. High blood pressure is an indicator of too much red energy in the body. It is a color for war, prosperity, fire, and rising sun. Spiritually it is the root color of fire and connects us to our physical self.