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Kris Zurek (SNHS) Member of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapist

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Holistic Health Centre,
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What’s Happening With Earth’s Magnetic Field

Many years ago (around 1997) I have learned about research demonstrating a decline in Earth’s magnetic field. I was not certain if this was true and what possible effects this may have on human life. Then in around 2004, I have sourced then very little known 60min long documentary made by NOVA: ‘Magnetic Storm’. What I learned truly amazed me. … And I wondered why most of the people do not know this.

Here is a brief synopsis and update which can be viewed on this video clip.


Some believe it signals a pole reversal in progress, not an uncommon phenomenon in the history of our planet.

As ground observatories fail to grasp the whole picture, we are sending magnetometers into orbit to try to measure the magnitude and the direction of the magnetic field.

… NOVA documentary postulates that a dramatic increase in cancer all over the world is attributed in part to a significant drop in magnetic field. … After all, biology depends on this type of energy and deficiency of it, combined with Mobile phone and WiFi pollution may be a big culprit in weakening of bio-energy (energetic potential of human cells), which in turn makes us more vulnurable to i.e tiredness, disturbed sleeping patterns and cancer.

… Perhaps it is a high time for people to actively seek the ways to protect and super-charge oneself with i.e. yogic breathing, bio-energy meditation,  and  things like ‘suplemental PEMF’ received via regular treatments.