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Kris Zurek (SNHS) Member of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapist

Karen Stewart Holistic Health Therapist

Holistic Health Centre,
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Voice Spectral Analysis


We are happy to announce that this unique form of assessment of physical health, mental and emotional well-being is going to have a great comeback in our clinic. We used to offer it in 2006-2007, but due to technical difficulties and little public awareness at that time, we had to ‘shelf’ it for later.

But now our enthusiasm to offer it again has mobilized us to make it happen.  … Nowadays, the awareness of sound as a healing medium is growing more and more, and we feel that Voice Spectral Analysis and BioAcoustic/ VibroAcoustic treatments will become sought after diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and they will become even more relevant as we grow and expand our awareness.

Voice Spectral Analysis , … sounds exotic and intriguing at the same time, but that is the point.

It is natural that every human being sooner or later wakes up and starts to crave more meaningful experiences and to seek self knowledge leading to true happiness. … But ultimately, we can only be as happy as our cells are. Healthy cells are vibrant cells. The body filled with SPIRIT and ENERGY resonates to the higher frequencies.

Please remember the human body is like a musical instrument of a kind.  And if certain organs are blocked, or toxicity and nutritional deficiencies present, the mind is rigid/controlling/fearfull and soul suppressed, than the ‘melodies’ of our bodily functions are out of tune, discordant, leading to dis-ease.

Following a basic principle that is similar to the acupuncture concept of chi – in which the energy or life force of a person needs to be in balance for the body to function normally, and that imbalances are what cause disease and illness – Voice BioAnalysis measures the “frequency” of each organ and detects irregularities in that frequency, which in turn means that the organ is not functioning properly and hence, illness results.

Much like the acupuncturist “reads” the pulse, or the iridologist “reads” the eyes, the Voice Spectral Analysis practitioner “reads” the human voice.

Using a computer and a tuner, human voices are deciphered and then plotted on a computer-generated graph that matches pitches in a musical scale. Because all things have energy, their vibrations are directly linked to particular frequencies. This scale can be used to interpret which parts of the body, mind, spirit and emotions are lacking energy.

In the nutshell this assessment can identify the ‘Missing Tones’ or ‘Excess Tones’ which are symptomatic of lack of homeostasis and sustain lack of health in general.

What happens after Voice Spectral Analysis

After voice assessment, the missing tones can be re-introduced to the client to rebalance the system. The client may avail of personalised session of VIBROACOUSTIC THERAPY on the vibro-table to saturate and vibrate every cell of the body and recharge oneself with these missing frequencies. Client is also instructed to listen to and/or reproduce single tones or a specific pattern of tones that fill in missing or weakened frequencies until the brain is trained to produce those tones on its own. This may take days or weeks.

Just as an orthodontist realigns teeth and trains them to a more preferred pattern, so too, a tone formula can help to align brain patterns to more ideal balance.

Voice Spectral Analysis often uncovers problems before serious illness sets in. It is very effective with chronic conditions and safe for all ages. Suggestions of appropriate nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, lifestyle changes, and other therapies are also given.


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