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Kris Zurek (SNHS) Member of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapist

Karen Stewart Holistic Health Therapist

Holistic Health Centre,
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Tel: 071 966 3311
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Pre-Conception Consultation And Tests

An Introduction

If a woman is contemplating becoming pregnant, one of the best things she could do is give herself at least six months or even a year to improve her diet, detox and make better lifestyle choices. This should be treated seriously but also with joy and positive attitude. Proper detoxification is a serious matter and it can’t be rushed or done in hasty way without proper coaching. Knowledge and persistence is the key to success.  To ensure greater results, woman could seek professional help from people who are well experienced in Holistic prenatal education. Full attention to details and wise choices will always pay off.

Healthy mother equals healthy child. Fetus will grow and stay in a womb for nine months as we all know. And whatever will happen in mother’s body during this time, will determine the outcome. For that long period, your future child will have no other home, but your womb. So, you want to make sure that inner terrain of your body is as ‘cosy’ and healthy as possible.

As you prepare for the child, you most likely will clean, paint and refurbish your house, to make it ready for the new arrival. The same attitude you should apply to your body. You will need to cleanse it from inside out. Detox all the traces of lurking poisons, eliminate bad microbes and with them their toxins, test for heavy metals i.e. mercury, aluminium, cadmium and lead, as well as check for dioxins, fluoride and chlorine toxicity.

Do a massive ‘house cleaning’. And do not forget to super hydrate your cells, improve your hormonal status and nourish with super-foods. All prior to conception. Why? Because heavy detoxing is not advisable during pregnancy, as all the poisonous toxins will be pushed out from your fatty tissues, bones and organs, and may pass through placenta and mutate DNA of your developing baby.

Unfortunately, most of the people do not realize how important these issues are, and majority mainly focuses on eating well, which is good but an incomplete approach.


Woman should consume only organically grown grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lean sources of protein. Laying the foundation by putting herself in optimal shape prior to conceiving will go a long way in minimizing the chance of miscarriage, or developing other complications of pregnancy and delivery.

Because gastrointestinal problems are so common in children with autism, in addition to improving and optimizing eating habits, avoiding chemical preservatives and processed foods, some women I’ve worked with choose to address their own GI-related conditions and check for hidden candida infection prior to conceiving. (consultation and nutritional Live Blood Analysis would be highly recommended in this regard)

If a woman has a history of candida (yeast), or , or history of digestive problems, gluten intolerance, food allergies, bloating, constipation, or parasites, they should treat these conditions before becoming pregnant. Reducing sugar consumption,  replacing antibiotics with safe alternatives, and using specific diets and herbs for intestinal pathogens such as yeast, fungus and parasites can all be helpful in optimizing health; all of these greatly enhance the likelihood that her child will not be prone to GI problems.

Toxic Chemicals

A 2006 report from the CDC found that the average American had 116 of the 148 synthetic compounds tested for, including the infamous dioxin, polycyclic hydrocarbons, toxic heavy metals and organochlorine pesticides. (We offer full reports and tons of references as well as adequate guidance and tests to assist a future mother in her quest for super healthy baby.

  • And make sure you ask us about Heavy Metal Tests (i.e. using Bio-Resonance Test and Kinesiology) as well as safe protocols for heavy metal removal/detox. Doing it yourself may be unsafe and counterproductive. Research paper: Effects of Heavy Metal Poisoning during Pregnancy

  1. You can book for the Pre-Conception Consultation (90 min to 120 min) if you are interested to optimize your fertility, secure smoother pregnancy and healthier baby . Cost €130
  2. Live Blood Analysis.  Cost  €100
  3. Heavy Metal Tests /Tooth Amalgam Galvanic Test/Balance test (i.e. using Kinesiology). Together – Cost  €70
  4. Eight sessions of Ozone with Hyperthermia (info flyer) treatments are €350 (one 30 min long session is €50; eighth session is free of charge). Maximum 2-3 sessions can be done in one week.
  5. D vitamin lab tests and results interpretation – Cost €60

If you choose the whole package (as listed above in 1-4 points), and pay in one installment, than you can avail of a discount of E 80, totaling 570, instead of euro 650, when paid in stages. Purchasing this package allows you also to have a free and exclusive access (password-protected) to our complete library of referenced scientific material, up-to-date research and step-by-step tutorial regarding protective measures and interesting tips on pre-conception period of preparation

Pre-Conceptial Consultation may also include information (on request) on how to support immunity and health of a newborn child

Cost of possible supplements (if needed) not included in the price; type and amount of supplements and detox formulas is determined on an individual basis.

Link: Strange Parallels Between Autistic Children And Mercury Exposure Symptoms