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Kris Zurek (SNHS) Member of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapist

Karen Stewart Holistic Health Therapist

Holistic Health Centre,
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Tel: 071 966 3311
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Live Blood Analysis


Have you or your family member ever felt “sick and tired” and couldn’t readily find an explanation for it? It is not that unusual. People often are puzzled by the fact that their symptoms and complaints do not show up on common tests that came back “normal”.

Majority of our clients have reported that Live Blood Analysis and consultation helped them to finally get to the bottom of the problem and resolve longstanding health problems.

In most instances,  with the help of Live Blood Analysis, life-style consultation and Bio-Resonance BRT testing, HRV test, people were amazed to actually see for themselves what was causing their sick and tired feeling.

(listen to a story on Midwest Radio (Ireland) 2015.03.10 – truly remarkable recovery)

Example of Live Blood Analysis session

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LBA Test – Full Session
LBA Test – Full Session
1.5h LBA/Dark Field Test inc. printout, consultation and diet/nutrition program
Price: €120.00


Q: What is Live Blood Analysis/Dark Field Test?

A: LBA is a special type of blood qualitative analysis of a ‘living’ blood sample.

Q: What Does LBA Session involve?

A: LBA consists of:

  •  Brief questionnaire
  •  Blood sample taking
  •  Analysis of the sample
  •  Visual demonstration and explanation of the results
  •  Writing a report (inclusive of visual footage)
  •  Brief recommendations on lifestyle, diet, detoxification, protective and preventative measures; (in case of more complex case, separate 30 min consultation may need to be scheduled)

Q: How does Life Blood Analysis differ from ordinary blood test?

A: Live Blood Analysis (LBA) is complementary to ordinary blood test. It differs in the way that it is instant, gentle and first of all, it is a visual experience. You can actually see the ‘damage’ if it is there (in a similar way like with a broken bone visible on an X-ray) . Our LBA does not involve freezing and storing, nor staining of the blood sample. All of such procedures ‘traumatize’ the blood, thus not allowing for observation of more subtle features, which are crucial in identifying hidden culprits causing the problems.  LBA is a visual analysis of a fresh, ‘live’  sample, in contrast to a common blood test, which focuses only on a ‘dead’ sample and does not pay attention to a state of biological terrain, acid stress, oxygenation, wider nutritional status, antioxidant buffering capacity, markers of heavy metals toxicity and Spirochete bacteria related to Lyme Disease and more.

It is not uncommon for a patient to avail of a common blood test and still be unable to get to a bottom of the problem, despite obvious symptoms. Focusing  on the root of a health complaint is the main purpose of the Live Blood Analysis.

Q: What can Live Blood Analysis offer me?

A: You will gain a lot of new information and guidance:

  • It reveals the overall state of blood on the TV monitor
  • Identifies vitamin, mineral and fatty acid deficiencies, cellular toxicity and allergic reactions
  • Explains the feeling of tiredness and visually shows the culprits
  • Assists in weight loss and in finding the most suitable diet
  • Investigates roots of the health problems and indicates predispositions to different diseases
  • May provide valuable information and support for people with cancercardiovascular disease, diabetes, artritis, gaut, neurological problems, skin problems, digestive problems
  • Arterial plaque, Triglycerides, LDL Cholesterol, uric acid
  • Confirms health benefits of ‘alkalizing lifestyle
  • Free Radicals, Mycoplasma, Spirochetes bacteria, dysfunctional bowel function, effects of Fungus and Candida infection
  • Anemia, hormonal imbalances, leaky gut, protein and fat utilization
  • Shows effects of  heavy metal toxicityradiation and chemo-’therapy’
  • Immune system function, oxygen deficiencies, hydration
  • Shows effects of processed food, cigarettes, alcohol and stress on the blood
  • Examines the effectiveness of different nutrients and detox programs
  • Monitors the progress of healing during the follow-up visits
  • Shows whether you are busy degenerating or regenerating. (What are you busy with?)
  • Is your lifestyle “acidifying or alkalizing” your body?

Q: Do you do a Test for Lyme Disease/Borrelia?

A: We can check for the presence of Spirochete of borrelia bacteria, which are in fact the main culprit in Lyme disease. But this is an additional testing procedure, which can be only done the following day using the same sample. Because the same sample is used, there is no need for extra visit.  The fee for this specific analysis is €90 and it is paid on top of the initial test and consultation, which costs €120. After payment the film footage of the captured spirochetes is sent to the client.  Please take a note that conventional medicine is not acknowledging the value and efficacy of LBA results despite the fact that Spirochete bacteria can be easily observed in a living state on the monitor. The other option is to do special test for Lyme in Germany which is much more expensive, between €700 to €1000. Medical doctors admit that there is no reliable Lyme testing (i.e. Melisa) in any of the hospitals in Ireland. Ordinary Melisa tests can be 50% false positive or false negative.

Q: Can LBA be done for a child?

A: Yes. In fact, we receive a lot of children. Some of them are as young as 1 year old. Our blood sampling and analysis is ‘easy’ on a child because it consists of a finger pin-prick, which is more gentle. Parents appreciate information, which can increase their knowledge and help the child to be more healthy in a natural way.

Q: Do you offer follow up tests?

A: Yes we do. Follow up tests usually happen two months after the initial visit.  So there can be 3 follow ups within 6 months period, spaced by 2 months intervals. If there is an emergency, we can receive clients at an earlier date too. During follow up session, client will be able to compare the tests and see the changes (hopefully improvements) and to be reassured. The date for the follow up visit is scheduled on your first visit. The follow up visit is shorter in duration and cost is smaller compared with the initial visit, at 50 Euros.

Q: How often should I come to test myself?

A: This depends upon the individual needs. Sudden physical and emotional traumas, daily stresses, hidden pollutants and infections can rapidly alter bodily environment and chemistry, creating big problems. Regular checks are wise thing to do. People who are health conscious come on average every 8 months to monitor and maintain their wellness.

Book your appointment now. Call 071-9663311 or 0831183880

If you do not choose other payment options, you still need to pre-pay to secure any appointment. Your appointment is booked only upon receipt of your pre-payment (non-refundable deposit) for the specified treatment or test.

Every client must become familiar with our Cancellation Policy & Fee Schedule  prior to a visit

Pre-Paid Appointment
Pre-Paid Appointment
This is obligatory and non-refundable pre-payment for any appointment, health screening, and/or treatment. Pre-payment is 30 Euro + 2 E processing fees. The remaining fee will be paid in cash on the day of the visit, if required. ... In the window below (instruction), write the type of service you are booking for.
Price: €32.00

If you do not have credit/debit card or online PayPal account, please forward a Postal Order (leaving ‘pay to’ section blank, for the sum of Euro 32) to arrive at the Centre/Clinic not later than 3 days before the date of appointment. Please include your name, contact number and the test and/or treatment, that you are booking for.

LBA – Basic
LBA – Basic
Short session option: 40 min; test and basic report printout, but no consultation and diet/nutrition program.
Price: €60.00
LBA Test – Full Session
LBA Test – Full Session
1.5h LBA/Dark Field Test inc. printout, consultation and diet/nutrition program
Price: €120.00
LBA Test + follow up retest visit after 2 months
LBA Test + follow up retest visit after 2 months
This package offers two tests in one; including the initial 90min consultation and full test + the subsequent test. Follow up LBA is essential for monitoring your progress and generally it is done 2 months after initial blood analysis. By purchasing this package now, you will save €16 because the follow up tests cost now €60 if paid separately
Price: €170.00
Blood analysis for bacteria spirochetes of borrelia
Blood analysis for bacteria spirochetes of borrelia
This blood analysis is especially for the people who suspect Lyme condition or have persistent ill symptoms of unknown origin. Also relevant for the people who have been bitten by different insects inc. ticks, or have pets, and/or are involved in animal farming, had intimate contacts with people who were infected with Lyme or received blood transfusions. This analysis is done the following day, after the initial LBA test. The fee of €90 is paid on top of the initial general analysis and consultation, which costs €120. After payment the film footage of the captured spirochetes is sent to the client. (please read disclaimer at the bottom of the page)
Price: €90.00
LBA Test for a child 1-5 years old
LBA Test for a child 1-5 years old
Standard price for 1.5h LBA Test/consultation is €100. (special offer for a child is reduced to €70). After payment, please call us to schedule a date for your appointment.
Price: €90.00
LBA Family Package for two people
LBA Family Package for two people
Standard price for full session of LBA Test/consultation for two people is €200. By paying online now, you will receive a discount of €10
Price: €200.00
Price: €220.00
Family Package for three people
Family Package for three people
Massive discount. Standard price for full session of LBA Test/consultation for three people is €300. While booking for a family of tree, you will receive €50 discount.
Price: €300.00
Price: €300.00

Brief description of the test:  Two or three drops of living blood are taken from the client’s finger by way of a tiny pinprick. No needle is involved, therefore this test is very friendly for children as well.

The “live” sample shows function and activities of the blood cells while the “layered” or “dry” sample shows the waste by-products produced in those areas of the body not functioning as they should.

Using photo comparisons the analyst views the images using a fiber-optic, video-enhanced, high-resolution microscope, which are simultaneously seen by the client on a TV monitor with magnification of up to approximately 15,OOO times, using both light and darkfield analysis.

This high resolution shows white and red cell activity, oxidative stress, immune function and nutritional status/deficiencies, effects from shedding spike proteins, blood clots, micro-clots, hydro-gels (from mRNA jab technology), fibrins, excessive platelet aggregation, free-radical damage, lipid peroxidation, deficiencies of Essential Fatty Acids, oxidised cholesterol, uric acid, triglycerides, digestion status and assimilation of nutrients, yeast/candida markers, effects of fungus, parasites, bacteria, spirochetes (indicative of Lyme Disease or even Cancer), mycoplasma, mycotoxins, and indications of stress, chronic inflammation and disease. (Please read our disclaimer at the bottom of the page)

    Quantum Resonance Body Analysis  (view here)

DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Advice and recommendations given in this report or in personal consultation by phone, email, in-person, online coaching, or otherwise, is at the reader’s sole discretion and risk. You should see a qualified, licensed doctor before starting any nutritional or diet program. Information presented in this report is not to be interpreted as any kind of attempt to prescribe or practice medicine. These statements and information have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Irish medical institutions. No product offerings made as a result of this report are intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. You should always consult with a competent, fully-informed medical professional or health practitioner when making decisions having to do with your health. You are advised to investigate and educate yourself about any health related actions and choices you make.