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Kris Zurek (SNHS) Member of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapist

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Cardio Check

New “Early Warning” Health Check That Can Save Lives.

Are your artheries stiff or flexible?

It is time to find out!

Duration of the check: only 30-45 min inclusive of consultation time.

Factual Information About the Cardio Check

Medical Science has achieved a remarkable breakthrough in the fight against cardiovascular disease, one of the main causes of premature death in the Western world.

CardioCheck™/Track (Digital Pulse Contour Analysis) can alert you to the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke by testing the health of your main arteries, in just a few minutes!

This test is probably the most accurate, non-invasive diagnostic tool available that can establish not only the relative health of major arteries, but also monitor the effects of any ongoing therapy, treatment or dietary changes.

Medical experts believe this method of testing arteries could be instrumental in saving many lives in the years ahead, as well as helping to make a significant impact on the early diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease.

Did you know that CardioCheck is more valuable in prevention than tests for cholesterol levels?

Did you know that this test is proven in Clinical Trials at a leading London hospital.   Digital Pulse Contour Analysis (pdf file on the bottom of this page) –  determines the condition of the main arteries by measuring their elasticity, a key indicator for identifying cardiovascular disease (CVD). This amazing new technology tests for endothelial dysfunction and large artery stiffness, both recognised as significant risk factors for predicting major cardiovascular events i.e. heart attack or stroke.

What the experts say about endothelial function test

“What is it: Endothelial function testing is an exciting new and non-invasive approach to assessing the health of blood vessels. This approach is largely used at research centres and is not yet widely available. However, it will be. I predict that in the next five years, this test will become as common as, and at least as important as, blood pressure measurements.”

Taken from “The Cardiovascular Cure” (page 246, 2002) by John P. Cooke, M.D., PH.D, associate Professor of medicine and director of the section of vascular medicine at Stanford University medical school.





The data provided by CardioCheck/Track can be extremely valuable in helping to:

  • Assess in half an hour your cardiovascular health
  • Identify whether your artheries are getting stiff (aging prematurely)
  • Determine your vascular age, rate of aging of your arteries
  • Monitor the effect of targeted supplements or medication
  • Monitor the effect of changes to lifestyle and general diet

What happens next?

If the arteries are found to be stiffer than normal for a person’s age, they will be given lifestyle advice to help to improve vascular health. This may involve simple dietary changes, increasing exercise or taking food supplements.  A follow-up test can assess any improvement  through making those changes.

It is advisable to schedule the follow up visit i.e. two  or three months after the initial test to asses the progress of healing of your vascular system.


Book your appointment now. Call or text 0858559652

Your appointment is secured only upon receipt of your pre-payment (non-refundable deposit) for the specified treatment or test.

Every client must become familiar with our Cancellation Policy & Fee Schedule  prior to a visit

Pre-Paid Appointment
Pre-Paid Appointment
This is obligatory and non-refundable pre-payment for any appointment, health screening, and/or treatment. Pre-payment is 30 Euro + 2 E processing fees. The remaining fee will be paid in cash on the day of the visit, if required. ... In the window below (instruction), write the type of service you are booking for.
Price: €32.00

If you do not have credit/debit card or online PayPal account, please forward a Postal Order (leaving ‘pay to’ section blank, for the sum of Euro 32) to arrive at the Centre/Clinic not later than 3 days before the date of appointment. Please include your name, contact number and the test and/or treatment, that you are booking for.


Book and pay in advance online to save money

Cardio Check + follow up session
Cardio Check + follow up session
Standard price for 30min Cardio Check is €45. If booked and paid in advance together with the follow up re-test, you pay only €70 instead of €90 (saving €20). This offer is for limited time only. After payment, please call us to schedule dates for your appointments. To assure accuracy of the test, please obstein from coffee, tea and blood pressure medications one day before a test.
Price: €90.00
Price: €70.00
3 in 1 Comprehensive Test - multifaceted health assessment using 3 tests:
3 in 1 Comprehensive Test - multifaceted health assessment using 3 tests:
1) Live Blood Analysis, 2) Cardio Check 3) Quantum Resonance Body Analysis Duration of a session: min. 2 hours; With this pack you will get test printouts and gain great inside into a state of your health and prognosis for the future. Great saving or €20. Very popular
Price: €190.00
Price: €170.00

Correct your attitude

Some people say that they would rather not know. This is sometimes the first thought that often may come into our head. But we have to ask ourselves if ignorance is really a ‘bliss’. Is it not better to know and take appropriate action before it is too late?
By making the pragmatic decision to have the test and receiving the results instantly, gives peace of mind. This in turn allows time to make the necessary changes to improve your health and to gain a greater quality of life.

Preparing for the test

  • Fasting: 1 hour before the test have nothing to eat or drink apart from water
  • Abstain from any stimulants, coffee, tea and cardiovascular medication i.e. aspirin, blood pressure drugs for 1 day prior to the visit (you may consult your physician regarding this)
  • If you are a smoker refrain from smoking few hours before the test
  • The probe is attached to the index finger on the left hand for that reason the fingernail needs to be in its natural state (for females: nail polish removed, false nails/Acrylic nails removed)
  • Allow yourself time to relax before your test, loosen items of tight clothing i.e. Belts/tight waistbands

CardioTrack/Check – How It Works:

fast and non-invasive test

To conduct the test, the patient simply clips an infrared sensor on to their index finger. No discomfort whatsoever is experienced by the patient as a harmless infrared light is transmitted through the finger. CardioTrack then gathers data via the sensor and analyses the condition of the patient’s cardiovascular system.

Cardio Check

Cardio Check

Sample data gathered from a cross section of healthy subjects is stored in the device, which serves as a benchmark for comparing the results from each test. CardioCheck/Track uses these results to estimate the relative ‘age’ of the patient’s arteries… For example, an apparently healthy male aged 35 with no known history of cardiovascular disease could actually have the arteries typical of a man aged 65. This result would indicate a premature aging or stiffness of the patient’s main arteries that had not been previously diagnosed.

Book your session of CardioCheck now to avoid future problems. Please remember prevention is more precious than cure.

Science Of CardioCheck:

Detailed information concerning CardioCheck (Digital Pulse Contour Analysis) methodology here…