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Kris Zurek (SNHS) Member of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapist

Karen Stewart Holistic Health Therapist

Holistic Health Centre,
Cloonloo, Boyle,
Co. Sligo.

Tel: 071 966 3311
Mobile: 087 972 8044

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Comments from some of our clients.

About Live Blood Analysis and subsequent therapeutic actions:

(listen to a story on Midwest Radio (Ireland) 2015.03.10 – remarkable recovery)

Page about Live Blood Analysis (here)

About treatments:

“I visited the “Karuna flame holisitc centre over 3 yrs ago with two of my children and we were treated to a really lovely visit. Set in a most peaceful tranquil and beautiful location, one would feel completely at home and at one with nature. Here we met two of the nicest, welcoming, interesting people one could hope to make acquaintance with. We will not forget your hospitality or you’er generosity of spirit. :)”    ……  Angela McHugh Cunningham

I found that Karuna Flame Holistic Centre is a place of quiet healing of the whole person, by natural physical means. The Therapists are highly skilled in their techniques, which vary accordingly to the needs of the client. It is evident that they have acquired an excellent knowledge of the whole body, structural and otherwise This enables them to carry out treatments that stimulate very positive changes to those who receive them. Personally, I have felt great from some sessions. Pain in my thoracic and neck region has definitely decreased. Treatments have given more flexibility to the whole spine and after a session, one gets a better sense of wellbeing, since the atmosphere is most relaxing. ……Imelda retired physiotherapist from Co. Sligo

When I came to Kris 1st time I was in a lot of pain with my back due to my leg injury. I am on my 3rd session and have noticed an awful difference now with getting the treatments (which included trauma release through Kinergetics, Scenar treatments  and Ozone therapy with Hyperthermia). I was doing my own exercises myself e.g. boxercising and walking, I even went to physio but at the time nothing was really helping or working till I came to Kris. The pain is gradually going away and my leg is getting better comparing to the pain that I was in the beginning. Multiple treatments were essential to bring the change about.    – Lizzie Keane, Co. Sligo

Following thyroid surgery in January 2007, I was more tired then usual, and also my cholesterol level was rising. After attending Live Blood Analysis and CardioCheck, in Karuna Flame – Holistic Health Centre I started Advanced Detox Programme on 29th, September 2007 as recommended. I found it easy to follow. Just over two months in the programme, my cholesterol level is in the normal range. I am absolutely delighted with same and would highly recommend the programme. ….B. McCullough from Drogheda, Co. Louth

As a result of having bladder infiections I was admitted to the Meath Adelaide (Tallaght) Hospital Dublin early in 2006. In the course of investigation int this matter it was discovered that my bladder muscles were weak and could not expell all my urine from the bladder. This stale urine was cousing bladder infections. When I thought that the bladder was empty in fact 0.5 litres was still there. Having been informed that I would have to take medicine to strengthen the said muscle I sought the advise of  Kris Zurek.  On returning to the Hospital for the next appointment it was discovered that I was emptying the bladder fully and at the next appointment 2 weeks later it was still good. Thanks to Kris and to God who directed my path this way….. Michael O’Toole

I have been attending Kris and Karen in the Karuna Flame Holistic Health Centre for over a year, on weekly basis, receiving massage and unique heat treatments. I find the sessions relaxing and comforting. I always felt a great sense of well being after treatments. I also had health screenings with Cardio Check and Live Blood Analysis, which I highly recommend. Because of that I embarked on nutritional and detox programme and I have to admit that I made remarkable improvements with it. ……Sean from Boyle aged 36

Coming for the session of Live Blood Analysis, I really didn’t know what to expect. I have found the consultation very interesting and educational. Kris is easy to speak to and has a comforting effect. I feel much more assured after my visit. …...Olivia Neary an artist from Co. Roscommon

I originally came to Karen with lower back pain and tension in the mid back and neck region and with some nervous tension. After few sessions, I have discovered that my tension has decreased, which I am very happy about. Also my energy levels have increased due to the excellent massage that Karen gives me. Her professional approach and her expertise is most noticeable during the treatment. ……Mary O’Shea an art teacher from Boyle

Kris and Karen recommended to me  a super nutrition. I have used it and found it very helpful. I was less tired and more energetic. I would recommend it to any one needing a boost. ……Dympna

I was pleased to get an appointment with Kris. I enjoyed the session and hope I will be able to keep a balanced diet. …..Paula F McManus

“I first started using Karen’s (Karuna Flame) calendula products in 2011, first personally and then in my profession for clients. I was impressed by the emollient and sustaining moisturising qualities. I am the biggest fan of Karen’s ‘calendula lip balm’. Haven’t had dry, cracked lips in 3 years. I know the work, ethic and responsibility Karuna Flame make. And I can only commend and support quality products.”

Catherine McQuire R.G.N.

Comments from Vibroacoustic Therapy:

I came with the physical pain (after the operation) and initially I was not relaxed. I had no idea what to expect. When the treatment began I gradually relaxed and allowed the music and vibrations to seep through my body. I felt so light, that I thought I was floating, and ache in my back was gone. I am feeling the benefits of it still.”

Bridie McHale (Boyle) 20th August 2008

“For me to experience the sound resonating through the body was like believing you are a ‘caterpillar’ and then suddenly understanding that there is the wonderous potential of a ‘butterfly’ living within!”                                                                                                             

Patrick Kellegher (from Sligo)

Review of SerraEnzyme:

As an avid gym user and someone who takes part in contact sports I got SerraEnzyme from Karuna Flame, and it has been very beneficial. I also had a severe injury to the ball of my foot which was left untreated. SerraEnzyme in my opinion is an excellent product. Take the dosage with plenty of water and on an empty stomach as recommended. I take mine in the morning a few hours before I eat, this works best for me.

Dean Kellett, Co. Westmeath

What users have to say about some Health Products made by Karuna Flame:

Mangala Face Cream

I know this cream is pure natural goodness for my skin. When applied, it is easily absorbed and leaves my skin feeling moisturised, soft, supple and protected. As a woman of 46 I have noticed over the past few years that skin has become drier and duller. I have tried many skincare products to enhance the feel and appearance of my skin and have found it difficult to find a good moisturiser that works well for me.  This works perfectly. Knowing that all the ingredients are natural and have been carefully selected and blended  is a huge bonus and strengthens my belief that my skin is getting the nourishment and goodness that it need”.   

– Anne Marie (from Boyle, Co. Roscommon)


I will never be able to speak highly enough about this product- a cream, at last, that satisfies and refreshes my skin. I have tried so many other products but found none as effective for the dryness and sensitivity of my skin. Mangala Face Cream has the “X factor”, leaving my skin feeling naturally hydrated and alive. The combination of calendula balm and cream has, I found, effectively cleared nasty spots faster.”  – Mary Jo (from Donegal town)

Comments from various workshops and classes:

Incredible people and a beautiful practice. – Elaine Burke

The practice known as Shaking Yoga was introduced to me by Kris and Karen at Karuna Flame Holistic Health Centre. I didn’t really understood what it was about but decided to give it a try. I wanted to do something to help myself and this seemed like something I could do and that was inexpensive. I discovered early on that it was bio-energy healing, tapping into the internal power within, to shift negative blocks. My major block for many, many years was alcohol and nicotine addiction. I tried and failed, and tried and failed so many times to quit. … For newcomers my advice would be to be patient and positive and stick with it as the resistance is a block to be overcome.” – Fiona Gannon from Boyle, Co. Roscommon (more of the stories and benefits of Shaking Yoga CLICK here)

Kris took the measurements before and after the ‘sound treatment’. During the workshop, the special application of sound lowered my own high blood pressure and normalized my irregular heartbeat (Arrhythmia) without the use of medication. Now I use the techniques regularly in the car. It is amazing how good it makes me feel especially in the morning, it sets me up for the day!” …… Mary Connolly; occupation: school teacher   (for more of the comments about  Healing Voice  workshop  or SHE Course CLICK here) 

Your Workshop about ‘Living Foods’ was very informative, relaxed, inspiring. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge, wisdom and expertise in opening new pathways to health of body and spirits……Imelda Byrne

Thank you to Karen and Kris for a wonderful workshop. It was very informative and interesting, I loved the practical side with “hands on” sprouting juicing etc. which has really kickstarted me onto more creative and interesting raw eating habits. The food was delicious……Pauline Rooney

Kris and Karen ….Thank you both so much for a really unique course (ABC awareness Breathing Course) My intention is to put all of this into practise and hopefully feel a lot better all round. I will be in touch with you soon and will be interested in a follow on if dates suit…..Carmel Crean

I found the ABC course hugely beneficial. The deep breathing comes naturally and knowing the benefits of it (mind, heart etc) makes it more exciting and conscious centred. The knowledge and information you have given is hugely important as it takes it out of the area of suspicion into the area of science and common sense. Thanks for inviting me and look forward to more, also looking forward to the C.D. you are going to mke on this…..Michael O’Toole

On Sunday I started doing the breathing and exercise class. I was lookng forward to it each week and I felt relaxed and felt good going home. I would look forward to more of this course. Thank you….. Sean (from Boyle)