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Karen Stewart and Kris Zurek R.N.M.H., ITEC, SNHS, Members of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapists

Holistic Health Centre,
Cloonloo, Boyle,
Co. Sligo.

Tel: 071 966 3311
Mobile: 087 972 8044

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Ratu Bagus Shaking Yoga Retreats



2019: Upcoming Ratu Bagus Shaking Yoga retreats at Karuna Flame Holistic Health & Retreat Centre, Co. Sligo

PLEASE CHECK THESE DATES AND BOOK IN ADVANCE, this will help all of us with preparation.

LOGISTICS and online BOOKING can be found by scrolling down

Start: Friday; lodgings may begin as early as 5 pm (First shaking yoga session will start at 7 pm)
End:  after lunch on Sunday or Monday (depending on the retreat – see the list of dates above)

Contact: Kris and/or Karen:
Phone: 00353-858559652 or 00353-87 9728044

Contribution: €150 (for the 2 nights retreat) and/or €195 (for the 3 nights retreat)

Location: Karuna Flame Retreat Centre in Cloonloo, via Boyle, Co. Sligo, Ireland

Brief Description of the Events:

Apart from 6 or 9 sessions of Shaking Yoga meditation (depending on the retreat) , we also would like to celebrate life with  music, drumming, dance and bhajans – songs of joy.

Raffle to support Ratu Bagus Ashram is planned too (so you can bring extra funds for that and donate items for a raffle). Night bonfire is possible pending weather conditions. … Those, who like to swim, can avail of that in the nearby lake)

… Feel free to contact us much in advance if you feel like giving us help with preparations a day before the event. Karma Yoga (selfless work) can transform you.

… This is going to be very special, no doubt  ! … We now finally have our new hall/taman ready with newly tiled floor space accommodating 25-30 people.

Description of the venue and surroundings:

Group sessions take place in the Octagon (8-sided building) or in the ‘Ark’ for bigger number of people. We may sometimes begin sessions outdoors too, on the gravel.

We are located in the countryside, in quiet location surrounded by nature. You can venture in our 4.5 acres of gardens, labyrinth, stone circle, polytunnel, meet the donkeys or visit a small forest, and a lake nearby. … Geo-dome in the process of construction.

We have been doing these retreats at Karuna Flame Centre since 2012, seeing them growing from strength to strength, accommodating ‘veterans’ and new-comers.


Simple accommodation in rooms with 2, 3, or 4 beds per room.
And we will soon also have special attractions, affording an opportunity to sleep in a Native American Tipi tent (for up to 5 people) + 2 spaces in a spacious, luxury tent with wood-burning stove – perfect for the summer time and earthy, close to nature experience.

NOTE 1: Choice of accommodation is given on ‘a first booked first served ‘ basis.

NOTE 2: If anybody wants to stay a day or two longer, this can be arranged.

Booking and Payments:

Non-refundable deposit of €40 + €2 processing fees will secure your place. For those who do not use Visa card or PayPal, you can send a Postal Order made payable to ‘Karuna Flame’ or lodge to our Bank A/C (please email us for details). On-line payment option can be found below

More information on the Karuna Flame Centre website

Travel information:

If you travel from outside Ireland, the closest air-port is Ireland West Airport near Knock (40 min away from us by car); please call us if you need our support with a lift.

Comments from the retreats:

Mini retreats at Karuna Flame healing centre allow for a much needed break from everyday stresses. It helps me to reclaim my spirit in a safe healing environment with the bio energy of Ratu Bagus shaking yoga. The support of the group energy helps to unblock and bring to your awareness where the blocks are in the body. Through a safe and sometimes tough process that can continue after you leave. It is very comforting to know that if you have concerns you can contact Kris and Karen at Karuna Flame. I hope there are more retreats throughout 2016 and beyond. OSRB

– Patricia Kellegher

I accidentally came to a bio-energy meditation retreat during the summer & it was the best thing I could have done! It truly is amazing & Karen & Kris are exceptional facilitators. I’ve been back since & plan to do the next retreat also.

– Rosaleen

More COMMENTS from participants can be seen here

Early BOOKING essential! Please write the date of a chosen retreat in the ‘instructions’

Secure your place and pay a non-refundable deposit for two and a half Day Shaking Yoga retreat
Price: €42.00

Full Payments can be made also via PayPal (account address: or via Bank Transfer (text us for our account details)

CONTACT: email us at or call Kris and Karen at 00353-858559652 or 00353-719663311 for more details and bookings.

NOTE: It is essential to reserve your space early as accommodation in rooms is limited to 17 people + 5 spaces in a Tipi + 2 spaces in a spacious, luxury tent with wood-burning stove.


We are located in between Boyle and Gurteen, in Co. Sligo. Our Retreat Centre is nested in the countryside, in quiet location surrounded by nature, away from electro-magnetic pollution. Being here you can easily experience peace, refuel, detach from stress and deepen the connection with your Inner Self. When venturing outside of the retreat venue, you can walk in the quiet countryside and experience the panoramic viewpoint at Wynne’s View. Venture further for a plunge in Lough Gara . For those who want to stay a bit longer, there is also an abundance of ancient megalithic sacred sites in the vicinity open for exploration, inc. Carrowkeel ‘Megalitic Tombs’ meditation chambers, Drumanone Portal Dolmen , crannogs , St. Attracta’s Well and 2500 years old Fort.

If you travel from outside Ireland, the closest airport is in Knock (40 min away by car) – with the flights to UK.


DECEMBER 2019: Maybe Shaking Retreat in Lanzarote!?  – please let us know. This has to be planned in advance, and we need to get numbers to make it happen.

3 day Shaking mini retreat in the end of December in the island of Lanzerote if energy will support this.

We have already been there and found a possible venue. It is beautiful there and inexpensive. Whole island is volcanic, pure air, mountains, close to ocean, blossoming nature and peaceful atmosphere. … Few people already said they like this idea of having there a group shaking event and a holiday before Christmas. Flights from Ireland to Lanzarote can be only around 100 euros. Sounds very accommodating.

Please help us to spread the message of Ratu Bagus Shaking Yoga by joining our Meditation Group on MeetUp platform and confirm your attendance:

Event is also posted in online Network Magazine

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call contact us

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More links:

Energy transmission: Shaking is described as a bioenergetic meditation made possible by the transmission of energy from Ratu Bagus – energy master. This calls upon our own energy system to remember and awaken the natural capacity our bodies have for healing. Put simply, you quite literally shake to release any blocks – mental, physical, emotional – which stop the energy that flows inside us all. Acupuncture aims to do this with needles but, while that technique is a passive process, with shaking you are actively healing yourself. Testimonials from Ratu’s students make for extraordinary reading. He has helped people overcome drug and alcohol dependency, battle stress and heal all kinds of illnesses.

Energy transmission can manifest in the form of light orbs (youtube):

If you want to have an in depth training and direct experience with master Ratu Bagus, than also visit the Ashram in Bali. There is the hub of the Bio-Energy meditation


Past Ratu Bagus Shaking Yoga retreats in Co. Sligo:




New Year Celelebration Shaking Yoga retreat

13th -15th May  … and 29th July -1th August 2016

29th July -1st August 2016

All the logistics are the same as in the May retreat (details seen on the upper part of this page).

The contribution in total is 150 Euro (price includes accommodation for 3 nights, 8 meditation sessions, vegetarian meals)

On the last day, Monday the 1th August (Bank Holiday) we intend to visit a small but magical mountain of Ben Bul Ben, which overviews the Atlantic Ocean and is located only one hour drive from our venue (weather permitting). On that day, we will have the opportunity to climb this mountain (only 1 to 1.5 h long climb; the path is easier from the back of the mountain), and experience shaking yoga meditation on the summit and touch the sky! We ask for Ratu’s blessings.


Dates: From 18th to 20th March 2016 – Vernal Equinox


Some of the Ratu Bagus Shaking Yoga Meditation retreats at Karuna Flame Retreat Centre :

Summary of 27-28-29th July 2018 Retreat (read here)

Photos from the New Year Celebration – mini Shaking Yoga Retreat:

Starting on Friday at 7pm; registration 6:30pm; Starting on Sat at 8:30am – 6:30pm

Three Shaking Yoga session per day; Vegetarian meals included; introductory video presentations; drumming and hatha yoga stretches between sessions; Friday night meditation


New Years Retreat (four sessions) starting 9am; second session 1pm; third session at 6pm; + night celebration, music, dancing and meditation; morning shaking yoga session [when we wake up (: ]

Payment: in total for 31st Dec/1 Jan is 65 E inc. one night accomodation and 4 vegetarian meals.

Looking forward to seeing you on the retreat.


20th, 21st September, 2014

Autumn Equinox  2-Days Long Residential Retreat of Shaking Yoga +  mantra chant & meditation

Meals or Juice Fast (as optional)

Starts on Saturday at 9:00 am – ends Sunday 7:00 pm

Location & Transport: West of Ireland, 45 min from Knock airport (in between Castlebar and Sligo) pick up can be organised by small donation of €10 per person. NEWS – Ryanair Airlines has announced new flights from Holland and Germany into Ireland West Airport starting in April. Alternative route: flight to Dublin, then bus from Dublin airport to Boyle town, then we pick you up from there.

Address: Karuna Flame – Holistic Health Farm/ Retreat Centre, Cloonloo  (village), near Boyle Town, Co. Sligo, Ireland (… please check Google map here)

Contact: Kris & Karen landline: 00353 (0)71-9663311 or mobile: 00353 (0)87-9728044 or email:  for details.

Package consists of: 6 training sessions of Shaking Yoga; 6 vegetarian meals or servings of organic, home-made, veg and fruit juices; one night dormitory accommodation


21st, 22nd, 23rd March, 2014

Spring Equinox Mini Retreat of Shaking Yoga + Mantra Yoga Workshop + Juice Fast (residential) – starts on Friday at 6:00 pm – ends Sunday 7:00 pm

Residential –  7 training sessions of Shaking Yoga; extra time for learning and practicing Gayatri Mantra Meditation (3 sessions of 1 h each); 7+ servings of home-made, healing juices; two nights dormitory accommodation ;



18th June (starting in the afternoon) – 23nd June (ending on the afternoon)  2013

Summer Solstice, Shaking Yoga Retreat for Happiness, Healing and Wellbeing 

5 full days of training and practicing Shaking Yoga meditation! 15 sessions; Opening of a new Tamman!  for 30 people + Feast Party Celebration, singing, chanting, dancing, drumming circle, open fire, meditation at the lake

Those people who can’t make the whole retreat are still welcome. (separate arrangements can be made)