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Kris Zurek (SNHS) Member of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapist

Karen Stewart Holistic Health Therapist

Holistic Health Centre,
Cloonloo, Boyle,
Co. Sligo.

Tel: 071 966 3311
Mobile: 087 972 8044

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Comments from participants

‘Hi Karen & Kris, Thank you do much for the weekend, I woke up today feeling great & I really appreciate it because it feels like a long time since I felt like this❤ What an amazing weekend! The place is magical and so was the food & people. It is rare for me to feel such strong soul connections & feel nurtured & safe but that’s exactly how I felt even though i was nervous. I feel like I miss everyone today! I woke up this morning & did some shaking & I really enjoyed it so I hope I keep it up.🙏 Hopefully see you again soon.’ Namaste. – Rosaleen from Co. Donegal
‘It was just an amazing retreat! Still processing away here! Thank you to you both again.’ – Fiona from Co. Clare, 2018

‘Wonderful Shaking Retreat’ – Maureen O’Sullivan from Co. Cork, 2018

‘Last weekend I went to the Karuna Flame retreat hosted by Kris and Karen, I have to say I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much! The whole experience was magical from start to finish. The energy was very strong in the Taman and the shaking sessions very powerful. The two new arrivals to shaking  seemed to get into the energy straight away.
I would like to thank Kris for his words of wisdom which really helped me.  I am astounded at the job he has done with regards to the  building works and the accommodation,  I  can only imagine the hours of hard work gone in behind the scenes to make this project a reality.
I would like to say a special thanks to Karen too for her warmth, generosity and wonderful nourishing food, it was delicious and so was the singing…what a beautiful, uplifting way to end the group sharing. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for making this weekend a very special one for me, I came away wanting more and remembering how lucky I am to have Ratu and this incredible practice in my life.
– Sharon Ann OSRB from Dublin, 2018

‘Just finished weekend in the perfect surroundings, close to Mother Nature. A weekend of soul reflection, mind vacation and body renewal fired by Ratu Bagus Bio Energy Shaking. Deep gratitude from my heart to Kris and Karen for providing the Sacred Space. Blessings’. – Patricia Kellegher from Co. Roscommon, 2018

Comments from last few years:
The shaking practice is a big blessing in my life. The physical component to this type of meditation really works for me. I can honestly say that the best part of my week is the calmness and inner peace which I experience after our group shake on a Friday night.”    
– Karen Stewart from Boyle (professional occupation: Nurse, Massage Therapist, Child Psychotherapist)

Dear Kris & Karen, 
We have been wishing to give thanks for an incredible weekend. Thank you both. We are so glad we met you and are shaking now.  Jace has really taken to shaking and doing an hour a day. I am shaking too, 
though I’m not yet as dedicated as Jace. Karen, have a wonderful time shaking in Bali! We really look forward to seeing you both again at a future retreat or workshop. Blessings 
– Angel & Jace (Westport) 

“I am shaking for about two months now. What drew me to it was the possibility that I could take responsibility for my own healing and accelerate the process. I had some health problems for a long time e.g. leg ulcers and circulation problems, which I was taking medication for, but they were not getting healed. Through the process of shaking I am healing fast and from deeper levels. My physical symptoms have reduced a lot. I am feeling much better on all levels of my being. The process goes on. I am very happy that I have been introduced to shaking.”
– Mary Daneny from Galway (professional occupation: Counsellor)

 “I first came to hear about Bio-energy Shaking Meditation whilst attending for one of healing treatments at Karuna Flame Holistic Centre. I went away with a leaflet and was curious and a little resistant. It was a little while before I took up the phone and rang a contact for the Galway group shake evening. I learned by experiencing and from very simple tuition. After coming to the weekly shake (as it’s known) I felt ready to go to a weekend retreat. The energy I opened myself up to was ‘electric’. It was also like being in a sauna, but the heat energy is building up inside. The use of mantra Om Swastiastu Ratu Bagus calms the mind chatter and connected me to loving myself more. Over a year has gone by so quickly learning more about divine energy, experiencing emotional release, increased positive energy. Physical and emotional blocks are dissolving bit by bit or shake by shake. I am grateful for this energy practise and feel I am on a journey of Self discovery. I know I am blessed to have met Ratu Bagus and realise as Ratu says all the answers are inside and I am my own teacher, there is no leaders.”
– Linda from Galway

“The practice known as Shaking Yoga was introduced to me by Kris and Karen at Karuna Flame Holistic Health Centre. I didn’t really understood what it was about but decided to give it a try. I wanted to do something to help myself and this seemed like something I could do and that was inexpensive. I discovered early on that it was bio-energy healing, tapping into the internal power within, to shift negative blocks. My major block for many, many years was alcohol and nicotine addiction. I tried and failed, and tried and failed so many times to quit. I knew my destructive habits were having detrimental effect on my health. Little by little I grew in confidence and belief. My experience has been to be patient with myself and to be persistent. To be gentle physically on the days I am not able to push myself. Shaking yoga is in my opinion really good because you are working on mind and body and soul/spirit altogether, so therefore it is different to a lot of other healing practices. By focussing on the mantra Om Swastiastu Ratu Bagus, you are quieting the mind. By shaking the body, you are activating the flow of energy in the body. By setting up an intention prior to the shake, it is like a prayer. The music can be a great motivator to letting go, and each diffrent style of music can have a different effect on me. The energy helps you to break through blocks of resistance. I now see shaking as a part of my life and find the retreats very rewarding. For newcomers my advice would be to be patient and positive and stick with it as the resistance is a block to be overcome.”
– Fiona Gannon from Boyle, Co. Roscommon

“Shaking is energy. Shaking loosens and frees, connecting to Soul and Spirit. Body/mind learns new pathways of expression, being, becoming. Shaking challenges, stretches, brings awareness, expansion, freedom, alignment to Self. A journey into Selfhood with like-minded beings.”
– Sile from Galway

“I have been shaking for approx. 6 months now. Initially my mind had difficulty adapting to the practice but heaving come through some debilitating ill health, I was determined to persevere. I feel long term issues changing – both physical and emotional. My health and stamina have improved hugely. I am calmer and happier in myself. Those close to me have noticed the difference. My advice – be your own best friend. Try it! You will notice the change. It really is a revolution!!”
– Antoinette from Galway (professional occupation: nurse)

“In 2006 I was introduced to shaking during a 10 day shaking retreat. I arrived on crutches with a lot of pain, recovering from a severe horse-riding accident. I had been in a coma, fractured my pelvis and spine. I arrived wanting to run away. I bumped into Ratu, who looked at me and said ‘too much broke’. He waved his hands in front of my body and a very hot vibration filled my body. My crutches flew in the air and I fell to the ground. I cried for 3 hours from the bottom of my toes. When I finally got up I had no pain whatsoever and I didn’t need my crutches. Since then I feel stronger, happier and healthier with each shake. I could fill a book with all the wonderful experiences over the years. I truly feel blessed getting in touch with the Ratu Bagus energy.”
– Evelien from Holland, living in Westport (professional occupation: Holistic Dentist; founder of Gem Healing Essences )

I would say especially to those that have a deep sickness, it will always make you feel isolated and separate from everyone else and want to oppress you and make you feel very negative and judgemental.This is a way that gives you a good opportunity to go through that and move it. It can take time sometimes but within that process of going through the sickness you understand a lot about what sickness is and how it keeps people trapped and takes their freedom and how you over time start to feel your own freedom return and the power that lies within you and it’s a very liberating experience, one that I would strongly recommend.  I think for me Ratu and the practise, if I had to describe it in a word, I would say freedom. For me that’s what in body is a chance to reclaim your freedom from whatever it is, from emotional states, from mental, sickness states. A chance to feel free in life again and when I look at Ratu I see freedom walking and he tries to impart that to us and help us to find that quality.”       
–  Tim D, UK

Mini retreats at Karuna Flame healing centre allow for a much needed break from everyday stresses. It helps me to reclaim my spirit in a safe healing environment with the bio energy of Ratu Bagus shaking yoga. The support of the group energy helps to unblock and bring to your awareness where the blocks are in the body. Through a safe and sometimes tough process that can continue after you leave. It is very comforting to know that if you have concerns you can contact Kris and Karen at Karuna Flame. The mouth watering meals from Karen’s kitchen are not to be missed. I hope there are more retreats throughout 2016. OSRB
– Patricia Kellegher

“I learned about this healing and enlightening practice in 2008, following the invitation from Evelien, a practitioner specialising in holistic dentistry, for which I am very, very grateful. I intuitively felt something important awaiting me there. I had a very  beautiful, auspicious dream/vision a night before, not knowing that next day I will join a ‘group shake’. It took me a while to connect the dots, but eventually a so called penny dropped. Something was activated on a deeper level of my being. Because of my previous experiences in Ashram in Poland and with Kriya Yoga, I recognised a universal value in this newly introduced practice of Bio-Energy Shaking. I couldn’t wait to discover more. What followed next, happened fast. The released energy and Ratu’s blessing propelled me to shake nearly every day and within two weeks I was motivated from within to share it with others and to start the group locally. On a personal level, I found that regular ‘shaking yoga’ helped me to clear the residue of mental/emotional/physical stresses accumulated due to excess work as therapist, gardener and a builder , my empathic nature, ambitions, frustrations and responsibilities as a family man. It gave me also more energy, motivation and courage to accomplish any task and face any challenges with greater ease. The funny part is that, at the time when I thought that I knew all there is to know about the process of Bio-energy Shaking, I was proven wrong. When I finally met Ratu in person (the energy master, who reintroduced this practice to the world) I realised there is so much more to learn about life and divine energy, but not intellectually, but through direct experience. My heart opened even more. I felt cleansed from toes to head. He helped me and others so much to step into deeper level of self-responsibility and awareness. I felt light and free but knew that more will be revealed. It felt as if a next chapter of learning has begun. Babaji was right once again. I met Ratu’s generosity, humbleness, infinite compassion and friendship, which is priceless. I felt I knew him from before. Now I know there is nothing stopping me/us from being victorious, except our own egos, doubts, unconscious fears. Now I believe in my true Self and I know we all have amazing potential to succeed in finding ultimate freedom, wisdom and unbound bliss if we truly desire and are ready to go ‘extra mile’. It is not an overstatement when I tell you that Bio-energy Shaking practice can help to improve anything for anybody, who approaches it with honesty, determination and sincerity in the heart. My life and of those whom I met, are living testimonies to this. Good luck and be patient, rewards are worth perseverance.” dated:2012
– Kris Zurek, living in Boyle (professional occupation: Holistic Therapist}


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