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Karen Stewart and Kris Zurek R.N.M.H., ITEC, SNHS, Members of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapists

Holistic Health Centre,
Cloonloo, Boyle,
Co. Sligo.

Tel: 071 966 3311
Mobile: 087 972 8044

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Meditation MeetUp Group

Welcome to our new vision and group activity. As the challenges and new opportunities increase worldwide, there was never before a greater need for people to come together in unified manner and synchronize the efforts to promote positive changes in the world and locally. As we know, all transformation starts first within oneself. In this context, we are propelled to initiate a regular meetup group to encourage the ‘weaving’ of uplifting energies for the benefit of all through the power of meditation and special types of breathing.  As we will meet on the regular basis on Sundays, we will introduce step by step ancient and well tested techniques of meditation, breathing to create more coherent field of vital forces within and around us. People of all ages are welcome, as long as they can be receptive to what we will be doing (Ha! … and the less we will do and the more we experience pure Beingness, the better). No previous experience is necessary, only a will to learn, grow and be open to change, by dropping what no longer serves us. – Kris



  • Inner balance
  • Better health and vitality
  • De-stressing
  • Creation of higher quality relationship with LIFE and people
  • Positive impact on communities
  • Motivation for growth and consciousness expansion


Health Benefits of Meditation & Yogic Breathing (click here) 


Karuna Flame Meditation Group will meet up indoors and outdoors in natural habitats (beaches, hills, mountains, forests, lake shores etc.) in various locations throughout the counties, but on the beginning, primarily we will gather in the Karuna Flame Centre (map here) on the border between Co. Sligo and Roscommon, and Co. Leitrim nearby.


To join the group, subscribe to our updates and for further communications please visit:

or call 085-8559652

Please confirm your attendence by clicking on RSVP

Please spread the word. We are growing fast in numbers! Together, we will eventually make the SHIFT and transform the negative trends in our society into more positive. There is power in numbers.

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