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Karen Stewart and Kris Zurek R.N.M.H., ITEC, SNHS, Members of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapists

Holistic Health Centre,
Cloonloo, Boyle,
Co. Sligo.

Tel: 071 966 3311
Mobile: 087 972 8044

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Craft Your Own Singing Bowl


You are invited to a transformational craft workshop, a rare opportunity to make your own singing bowl.  Over three days you will be guided and supported through the process – the alchemy of craft and sound.

“People’s eyes and souls light up when they hear that I made it with my own hands. It’s like a miracle….”H.T.B.  Brussels

To listen to the spoken and unspoken reflections of this work follow the link to a Radio Four Soundscape.


for ONLINE BOOKING & DEPOSITS please scroll to the bottom of the page


NEW Date: 18th-19th-20th July 2014  

’Craft Your Own Singing-Bowl’ workshop ;

The workshop will be facilitated by the team from Resounding Earth: Gabriella and Heather,

Venue: Karuna Flame – Holistic Health Retreat Centre, Boyle, Co. Sligo, Ireland (directions …here)

During this workshop, you will have a chance not only to learn different styles of playing singing bowls, but actually craft your own bowl with your own hands. You will be assisted in ‘forging your healing instrument into being’. Imagine how great that would feel! Discover your own hidden talents and inner potential, find the artist and healer within. Know that you can accomplish anything, when you put your heart into it. On the end, the satisfaction will be great and you will leave not only with great memories and a new skills, but also with your own beautiful and ‘priceless’ bowl.

Working with brass, over the three days you will scribe and cut the metal, work closely with the fire and all of the elements to sink and shape a finely crafted sounding vessel, an instrument that will outlast many generations to come. Instruction in the use of the tools and one to one support will be available throughout the workshop.

You will be guided not only in the physical, but also in the metaphysical implications of making a singing bowl. Modern science has come full circle to rediscover the wisdom of the ages – all matter is in essence, pure vibration, and that intention colours form. Throughout the workshop we will co-create and hold a focused space in order to bring forth your instrument. This act of bringing consciousness to how we perceive and experience sound, and our developing sensitivity to resonance, will underpin all that we do.

Although the process of Crafting a Singing Bowl is essentially a solo task, the group engagement and atmosphere supports the work at many levels.

There are no pre-requisites. Contact us if in any doubt about skill set or fitness.

The workshop is open to all ages from 14 and up.


Gabriella and Heather will travel from England to our place to offer you a unique opportunity to craft your own singing bowl, using ancient traditional methods. They both are very experienced in this work and facilitate such workshops for many years now.

Kris: “I know Gabriella for many years now. I know her as a wonderful singer and cello player and her musical talent and sensitivity to sound vibrations is reflected in the skill of making Singing Bowls. I feel many people will appreciate what is to be offered by her and Heather”


Tradition of making and using singing bowls for healing and spiritual awareness has been practiced for at least 3000 years in Tibet, China and Japan (see more info in Wikipedia)

Now it is a time that this skill will come to Emerald Isle of Eire. Summer of 2014 will see the first workshops of this kind in Ireland. Be among the first group who will anchor this energy in the Isle.


the bowls made during the workshop

On the end of the process of forging the bowl, you will take part in a sacred sound ceremony to bless your new instrument. This healing instrument, of course, will be the only of a kind in the whole world, because you have made it yourself and infused it with your own intent and essence.

The space here at Karuna Flame is very suitable for this work, with beautiful corner for the forge, nature all around, birds singing all day long and  the presence of the strong and clear energy of the land and great space acoustics. Here you can easily tap into universal sound current, becoming one with the process of allowing the work to be the voice of the soul.


Venue and Details

Karuna Flame – Holistic Retreat Centre, Cloonloo, via Boyle, Co. Sligo, Ireland

Dates and hours:

Friday  11th July 2pm – 9 30pm   An evening Sound Weaving open to a wider audience.

Saturday 12th July 9 30 am – 5 30 pm

Sunday  13th July 9 30 am – 5 30 pm Completion time is approximate.

Workshop Fee:

Non-residential €330; inclusive of vegetarian supper on Friday and lunch, snacks and drinks for each day

Residential €390 inclusive of simple accommodation for two nights and vegetarian breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks for each day


Bookings and Enquiries

Experience of Crafting a Singing Bowl is now open for bookings. As places are limited to 10 participants so we recommend booking at the earliest possible time.

A non-refundable deposit of minimum 40 euros is required to secure your place. (Please contact Kris Zurek via email

or call 071-9663311 for a booking form and Bank details if you choose to pay using Bank Transfer; Postal Orders are also accepted. Remaining payments may be completed at the workshop.)

All other enquiries may be directed to

For more information about Resounding Earth go to


Places are limited to max 10 people; an early response will secure your booking.

Make Your Own Singing-Bowl – Workshop
Make Your Own Singing-Bowl – Workshop
Secure your place and pay a non-refundable deposit for 3 Days Workshop in 18/19/20 July 2014.
Price: €40.00