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Kris Zurek (SNHS) Member of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapist

Karen Stewart Holistic Health Therapist

Holistic Health Centre,
Cloonloo, Boyle,
Co. Sligo.

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5 Keys Of Manifestation

By Kris Zurek; 26/02/2013

We dream and dream and dream hoping that one day …

But what do we ultimately want or do we hope this to be? And then when it comes and we get what we thought we wanted, why than we feel as if still something is missing. Why despite many successes, we do sometimes experience that peculiar knowing that we are still only scratching the surface of greater realizations? Are our highest goals really achieved and dreams fulfilled? And do we really know how to ‘dream’ our dreams into manifestation? Why only certain wishes come true and other not?

Well, first of all we all need to realise that for our dreams to have a power of manifestation, we have to be in a right state of attunement – the higher state of consciousness.  Just as a well tuned instrument will produce great sound, so does we experience the fullness of life if we know how to dream in harmony.

Many people become better and better in manifesting their dreams, or should I say desires and get what they want but it may be not what they really need. There is often strong, pushing and restless energy involved with this. So called very successful people may push and push and push to fulfil at all costs their selfish desire. But does it really work in a longer run?

Of course we can attract and manifest things from the lower level, but what it means practically is that we will get what we want, but also its polar opposite – what we do not want, or what we are afraid of – all as one package. The system works that way, so that we can have a chance to learn and distinguish between selfishness and selflessness, and thus to see what works and what doesn’t in a long run. So one could say that there are two types of ‘Dream Weaving’ -Manifestation cycles. One is ‘attuned to’ the level of higher consciousness (Selflessness – Unity of All Life) and the other to the lower level (Selfishness – Duality – Me and the others). The example of the lower level of manifestation through Duality can bee seen in the now famous documentary film ‘The Secret’. All the interviewed speakers in that documentary said that we are responsible for creating our reality and showed how we can get what we want. What they did not say though is that, because of our lower tendencies of selfishness, we ‘split’ the hologram, thus also create the opposite – ‘the shadow’ of success. For example, we attract lots of money, but then lose it, or develop conditions by which this money will entangle us in the cycle of painful experiences related to our attachments and so forth.

Through the personal experimentation, I have identified 5 essential keys, which are essential for manifestation from the ‘Unity’ level to be possible. And I realised that they have to be used together to open the multifaceted door-lock to the fundamental unit of this reality (a figure of tetrahedron with the central focal point).

1. Alpha State

It is not a secret, that when we enter the Alpha state of brain wave activity through meditation, we suddenly can access a greater pool of tranquillity and creativity. Thus Alpha state is a pre-requisite to manifestation of our dreams.

2. Purification of Thought

Also the thought has to be elevated from the ‘common/mundane’ thought to a level of ‘higher’ thought if we want to manifest from ‘Unity’ level. I see ‘higher’ thought as the thought cleansed of egoistic tendencies. This is when a question should be asked: Is this what I want for my highest good and for the good of all at the same time or not? If Yes, you will automatically connect to the energy grid of the planet, akin to the interdimensional internet, by which all the nature functions to sustain life.

creative dream-manifestation field of unlimited potential (artist’s depiction)

3. Letting Go

If such higher thought level is achieved, then the thought has to go through additional adjustment, being it has to be released from the ties of any expectations. Then and only then the thought is freed and can reach the sufficient potential to create a ‘critical mass’.

4. Time Factor

We have to learn then to maintain focus and remember our dream daily. This is the principal of reinforcement, where the given image of our dream is kept in place day by day, till we see it manifested in the so called external world. The reinforcement may have to be also accompanied by some tangible actions, which bring about manifestation.

5. ‘I AM’ Principal

The ‘I AM’ Principal is the central key in the process of dream-manifestation cycle. It basically refers to a universal law of ‘reflection’ of unity of all things. All the parts of ‘Living Quantum Hologram’ Field are interconnected and reflect one another. What is inside is also outside. The pattern is consistent throughout all the units of the hologram (sub-atomic particles and waves), from micro to macro world.

What we think about ourselves will be thus reflected in the chemistry of our bodies and in relationships with others. What is within is also without. So, in order to manifest our dream in the ‘outer’ world, first we have to become and feel it. If we want to experience loving and beautiful relationships, first we need to see and feel that we are that love and beauty that we are longing for. If we want to attract prosperity, we need to realise and affirm ‘I AM fulfilled and happy already now’. We need to see the wealth and happiness as being already here and now. When we feel it, then we can relax. In that relaxed state our thought pattern will resonate with the very essence of our being which is not separate from the world, nature and Creation itself. “I AM that which I want to see in the world” is the very law of ‘mirroring’ by which the Universe reflects back to us what we already are.

Being in ‘I AM’ Presence, Being in Unity of Heart Coherence