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Kris Zurek (SNHS) Member of Microscopy Practitioners Association, Holistic Health Therapist

Karen Stewart Holistic Health Therapist

Holistic Health Centre,
Cloonloo, Boyle,
Co. Sligo.

Tel: 071 966 3311
Mobile: 087 972 8044

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How do we define health holistic healing

The final goal of holistic healing is wholeness. In achieving wholeness, we must embrace all aspects of our lives including:

Respecting gift of health,
Respecting our body
Healing our relationships
Caring for our environment
Showing love for all humankind
Living our life purpose to the full potential
The state of health and wellness suggests that all body-mind natural processes that support life are balanced and functioning fully.

There are three general types of ‘health’ – physical health, emotional/mental health and spiritual health. We usually treat each one separately as though they are not related. So what happens is that, we may see a psychologist for mental health, a doctor for our physical health and a healer for our spiritual health.

We are either in harmony or disharmony, in balance or out of balance, integrated or disintegrated, aligned or misaligned, and that’s what determines whether we feel well or unwell. Some may say that this is much too simplified, but at the same time, the truth is simple.

The body, mind and soul work as one system with each part contributing equally to whole person. When all the aspects of our being are aligned, we are in flow. And this multifaceted alignment facilitates the natural flow of energy throughout the body, without blockages or resistance. When out of alignment, this natural flow is disrupted, energy gets blocked and stagnation occurs.

To promote health, it is not enough to take a magic pill, but we need to become aware of all previously neglected levels of our being and take care of them. We need to recognize the universal laws which govern life and health, and start adhering to those. We finally need to make sure that we develop holistic perception of healing and take action using different therapeutic interventions (be it meditation, massage, reflexology, nutrition, counselling, healing sound vibration and so on) the ensure freeing, detoxing and alignment with the flow of life.