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Mercury Removal Detox

Mercury detoxification is not a simple matter. People with huge heavy metal burden and various organs weaknesses should not risk starting the detox on their own accord without professional guidance.

To start the process of heavy metal detoxification, one must first asses the degree of damage, the ‘oral metal electrical interference’ , location of mercury deposits in the body (which organs carry the biggest burden of mercury), identify nutritional deficiencies and to check if the body  is strong enough to detoxify.

Mercury is one of the most difficult poisons/heavy metals to eliminate from the body because it is highly volatile in a gaseous state and easily binds to bodily molecules and hides deep within the organs and fatty tissue.

If you are concerned, than please get in touch with us or other professionals for Heavy Metal burden preliminary assessment and it’s impact on the body (using Bioresonance BRT,  Kinesiology and LBA) as well as Hair Analysis, which can be done from the comfort of your home.


We also advice on nutrition and mercury advanced detoxification protocols, including:

1. Ozone Therapy with Hyperthermia

2. Photonic stimulation

3. Laser treatment

and the most advanced products

4. Heavy Metal/Mercury Detox – SOLVYL Pack information (view here)

NOTE: Before and after doing the Mercury Amalgam filling replacement at the Biological Dentistry Clinic, make sure that you do the detox by availing of recommended treatment sessions as well as HMD formulas and SOLVYL Heavy Metal Detox Pack  to make sure that you get extra protection.

SOLVYL: Heavy Metal Detox Pack
SOLVYL: Heavy Metal Detox Pack
Solvyl CC, 150ml: whole body spray (application throughout the day) + Solvyl FullFlex, 30ml: oral detox + Solvyl Body, 200ml: lotion (whole body detox for the night) + Solvyl Hair, 200ml: special shampoo for the scalp detox

retail price: 290 euro + 25 euro insured international postage + 7 euro domestic postage
Group Order price: 220 euro + 9 euro online processing fees + domestic postage
all prices include 23% VAT
Price: €229.00


to ensure that all the mercury has been eliminated, one should avail of TRI-TEST (the most accurate laboratory test in the world)

Patients can also be referred to Biological Dentists who specialize in the safest forms of Tooth Amalgam removals/ replacements, using IAOMAT protocols.

14 Truths and Tips about Mercury Toxicity

  1. The main ways that humans are exposed to mercury are from dental amalgams (silver fillings),  contaminated fish and from vaccines.
  2. Industrial exposure to mercury can be significant and mostly comes from coal burning (220 million pounds a year) and chlor-alkali plants. If you live not far from coal-burning power plant, the chances are that you accumulated significant amounts of mercury in your body.
  3. Mercury can affect nearly all your organs, especially the brain, heart, kidneys, and gut.
  4. Many chronic diseases may be caused or worsened by mercury, including neurological disease, ADHD, autism, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and more.
  5. Some of us are genetically better adapted to detoxify mercury than others, leading to variable effects within the population.
  6. You should reduce your exposure by avoiding large ocean fish (like tuna, swordfish, shark, and tilefish) and river fish. Eat only small wild fish. If it fits in your pan, it is probably okay.
  7. Quit smoking cigarettes (they also contain traces of mercury).
  8. Make sure that your house is well ventilated if you use coal in your stove for heating. (coal burning releases mercury to atmosphere)
  9. Do not use suspicious cosmetics and beauty products which may contain mercury.
  10. Common blood tests are relatively worthless for analyzing mercury toxicity, unless you have had a significant recent exposure or eat a lot of sushi or tuna.
  11. Dark Field Microscopy/Live Blood Analysis/ and Dry Sample techniques may provide some relevant information as to degree of damage caused by mercury and other heavy metals.
  12. Hair tests only check for mercury from fish, not from fillings so they only give you a partial picture.
  13. The only way to find out your total body load of mercury is to take a medication with sulfur molecules that binds to the mercury. This is called DMSA or DMPS. DMSA pushes some of the mercury from the depths of tissues to the surface and then dumps to urine. This test should ONLY be done by a trained physician and involves taking one dose of this medicine, followed by a 6- or 24-hour urine collection to see how much comes out.
  14. If you are toxic and sick, you may consider addressing your dental health by seeing a biological dentist who can safely help you deal with mercury in your mouth.

Going to see a conventional dentist who drills out your fillings without any precautions or protection can lead to serious health consequences. I strongly advise against it. However, amalgam filling removal CAN be done safely and effectively done by a dentist trained in the correct techniques.


Karuna Flame – Holistic Health Centre may assist you with mercury detox protocols and help to choose the most detoxifying natural supplements suitable to your individual situation/health profile.

You may call us to view the blood (LBA) to asses your current health and book appointment to discuss detox procedures. Detox Supplements can be purchased here Heavy Metal/Mercury Detox – SOLVYL Pack and in our on-line SHOP (for additional support one can use natural inflammatory SerraEnzyme, gut repair PRIME SELECTION ).

Consultation booking at 071-9663311

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