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Prevention & Reversal of Cancer

Natural Path To Health And Overcoming Cancer



Written and Posted by Karuna Flame team: 22/03/2013


This page offers an overview of strategies carefully selected by us to help people to make wiser decisions regarding Prevention & Reversal of Cancers.

We are conscious of the fact that most of the people, patients and doctors, do not have time to study and keep up with volumes of old and new information, report findings and studies dealing with cancer, thus there is a big informational vacuum created in a medical system. Many people also feel overwhelmed and lost in the massive data base offered on internet, some of which is contradicting and to say the least, confusing to average reader/viewer. We hope to help to change that by presenting you with concise and summed knowledge, which was tested by us, and with links and independent references.

We also are familiar with the politics of science, Big Pharma, money and cancer. Thus, we wish to warn the readers about controlled media who seldom presents inconvenient truth  but rather focuses on undermining or shunning work of good doctors, naturopaths and holistic educators, who often  help cancer victims, while using natural strategies or combining the best of allopathic and naturopathic medicine.

By no means we see this issue as straight forward and simple. We are aware of multiplicity of factors and know that for anybody to be successful, multi-directional approach is necessary. There are no clear-cut answers, because we live now in a very complex world with thousands of new, untested chemicals, medications and food manufacturing processes flooding the environment. Western lifestyle is also not helping, with a huge burden of stress, be it economic, social or cultural. Personal weaknesses, predispositions, stresses and unresolved psychological issues also play a role.

Nevertheless, we make attempt to present some of the factors and strategies, which has been proven valid and useful in our private life, our professional practice, protecting us from epidemic of cancer.

Countless hours and months have been dedicated to creation of these pages, so we trust you will appreciate our efforts.

Information is presented in bullet-point fashion with links for further study.


Cancer Prevention, Support & Reversal Strategies:

(to learn more click on underlined links)

Prepare yourself for change. Regain focus, clarity and choose what YOU want to do
Improve your Lifestyle and change your Mindset
Be positive and proactive (don’t just wait for a miracle, but rather create it)
Avail of Relaxation and distressing treatments and/or meditation
Promote movement, exercise. One of the most time and energy effective exercises is on rebounders.
If you can join classes of Bio-Energy Shaking Yoga and Laughter. Few of our friends made a tremendous recovery from different Cancers, while regularly doing the shaking exercises (to learn more join the classes)
Avail of massage to move the lymph and do the skin brushing.
Improve your immune functions; strong immune system uses ‘killer cells’ to fight cancer. Immune system is weakened by unhealthy lifestyle, diet, sugar, chlorinated water, some medications i.e. anti-biotics and chemotherapy. (Exercise and powerful Probiotics can boost immune system)
Avail of lymphatic massage


Regularly check your health state and toxin levels (LBA, Thermography, etc.); prevention is better than cure
Avail of FIR heat treatments
Incorporate Rife Frequency sessions into your regime (application of non-drug experimental approach – check it out)
Clear ‘silent’ Inflammation from the tissues; link to an external site about Inflammation & Cancer
Promote alkaline environment in the body
Correct your nutrient deficiencies
Do not overuse antibiotics; seek alternative methods to boost immune system
Test yourself for candida / yeast infection. Make sure you are free of Candida
Keep your oxygen levels high
Cleanse your bowel with OxCgen
Supplement with plant based, natural anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and ant-inflammatory enzymes
Improve your Oral Health, avoid Root Canals
Educate yourself about foods and Change your eating habits
Drink home made vegetable juices and/or juices with high content of chlorophyll i.e. Organic Green Barley juice
Eat right type of fats
Avoid deep-fry, acrylamide
Detox liver
Avoid Sugar, sweets and products with Sucrose, Fructose
Avoid Aspartame
Balance your hormones; Avoid estrogen-mimicking chemicals
Lower meat consumption or switch to vegetarian or only Plant-based Diet
Keep your body clean of bad bacteria and viruses
Keep your body clean of Candida, Fungus, and Parasites
Cleanse/detox your bowel regularly
Promote good intestinal flora, use powerful probiotics
Avoid fluoridated and chlorinated water
Educate yourself about Environmental Carcinogens and make effort to eliminate them from your life
Improve functioning of immune system
Use Alkaline Water
Educate yourself about safer usage of Mobile phones
Minimize or avoid exposure to Ionizing Radiation
Quit Cigarettes, Alcohol and have proper rest
Expose yourself to day light and fresh air
Educate yourself; watch videos about cancer and alternative approach


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We make every effort to include accurate and up to date and well-referenced information backed by science on this site. However, we make no warranties or representations as to its accuracy. The views and opinions presented on this site are private, but also represent and share the growing awareness among the public and scientific community. We believe that different views and options should be always made available to everyone.

This web site is for general health information only. We are not claiming any cures, although many benefits have been obtained. We are not personally and commercially liable for any misuse of the information, services or products from this web site.

The information, products and services on this website, are not to be used as a sole substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any health condition or problem, however they can be incorporated as a natural support. Clients are advised to take full responsibility for their choices. In fact this should be a right of every free individual to be able to freely decide what they want to do for their own good.

Users of this web site should not rely on information provided on this web site for their own health problems. Any questions regarding your own health should be addressed to your own trusted physician or other health care provider, who is honest and sufficiently educated and have up to date scientifically backed and unbiased information about natural therapies.