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Dangers of Dental Amalgam Fillings

It Is Closer To Home Than You May Have Expected

Mercury In Dentistry

Yes! Be prepared for a shock, because mercury is found in all the people with so called amalgam (metal) tooth fillings put in by ‘old school’ dentists. Yes, you heard it right, it is in the mouth of many people. And if it is in the mouth, it will be in the organs, tissues and cells throughout the body.

Dental ‘silver’ fillings present a time-release poison – indeed they are the major cause of mercury poisoning in humans. Patients don’t realize that the “silver” amalgam dental fillings actually consist of 40 to 55% mercury. The typical adult has ten amalgam fillings containing about 5 grams of mercury.

Now see what the Merck Index says about Mercury:

Mercury has been found to accumulate in vital organs and tissues, such as the liver, brain, and heart muscle. Major symptoms of mercury toxicity include Emotional Instability, tremors, gingivitis, and kidney failure. Some also believe mercury may be linked to multiple sclerosis and epileptic seizures. Further, its affect on the body’s immune system is potentially devastating, possibly contributing to diseases such as leukemia and hematopoietic dycrasias.

Recent studies have found that substantial amounts of mercury vapor are released from dental amalgam after chewing gum for just ten minutes.

No governmental agency has established safe standards for mercury intake from dental amalgams. Some experts believe “there is No Safe Level of mercury exposure.”  – quote source: Merck Index – © 1952 by Merck & Co., Inc.

Of course, our readers, may have a nagging question here – if mercury is so toxic, what is it doing in my mouth? How did it happen that it was allowed to be used in dentistry and vaccines?

How is it possible that we ban the thermometers filled with mercury from use, and we warn people to be extremely cautious during disposal of fluorescent tubes, which are full of mercury, and then we say that to put it in our teeth and into vaccines is perfectly fine.

Well, we will not dare to give you the answer to that, but we can also ask why e.g.  ‘medicine’ Thalidomide was given to pregnant women and why DDT and Asbestos was used for decades before it was banned?




Karuna Flame FAQ

Q: My dentist wants to put ‘silver’ amalgam fillings in my teeth. He says they are more durable than white composites. Is that correct?

A: A new research indicates that amalgam fillings do not perform as well as it was previously believed. Our friendly and very experienced dentist showed us new composite materials which bind perfectly to enamel. They look better too.


Q: My dentist claims that  ’silver’ amalgam fillings are perfectly safe. Is that correct?

A: It all depends which dentist you ask that question. There are dentist who not only do not encourage patients to get these type of filings, but they would never put them in anybodies mouth. The research that we have found clearly shows that amalgam fillings pose serious hazard over time (scroll down for more evidence).  Please take note that the so called ‘silver’ fillings consist of 50% mercury, and mercury is poisonous – all toxicologists know this.


Q: I don’t understand this. I have (mercury) ‘silver’ fillings in my teeth but I do not feel really sick. How is that possible?

A: Different people are affected differently. The degree of mercury-induced damage depends on many factors e.g. 1) size and amount of dental fillings one has, 2) age of first filling and duration of exposure, 3) individual anti-oxidant profile, 4) ability to detoxify heavy metals, 5) kidney function , 6) diet and lifestyle, 7) and even improper use of mobile phone .

Secondly, just because clear symptoms are not visible at the moment, it  does not mean that Mercury has not affected some functions in the body. One can’t afford to ignore this issue because some health problems e.g.  neurological diseases may take few years to develop, and full blown Alzheimer’s can take even 30 or 40 years. The best solution is to act now before more damage take place and be check. And we offer various tests which can help.


Q: Where can I find additional proves that mercury dental fillings are detrimental to my health?

A: You can find some clues on this page, but main body of evidence and references of scientific studies are on the following pages titled ‘Mercury Dilemma Resources & References and  Alzheimer’s And Mercury. Also please check the List of Symptoms of Mercury Toxicity to see if these health issues are relevant in your case.


Q:  My dentist still insists on putting ‘silver’ fillings into my mouth despite the fact that he admits that mercury is toxic. He argues that the amalgam is very hard, stable and stays only in my teeth so there is no danger from it to the rest of my body. I am not very convinced by this explanation. Am I right to suspect the health hazard and seek alternatives?

A: Yes you are. And by the way, most of the dentists are not familiar with new and shocking  information regarding instability of mercury and its highly volatile nature . They still believe and follow the old teachings from their Dental schools, which pushes amalgam on people.


Q: I heard that amalgam (mercury) ‘silver’ fillings can release mercury during the time of chewing food. Is there some substance to this claim?

A: The straight forward answer is YES, although many dentists deny this fact, because they never seen the evidence or just because they are affraid to admit . In fact, Mercury vapour released from new and old teeth has been captured for the first time few years ago, during various experiments which were  filmed. It has been found that not only chewing the food causes this, but consumption of hot drinks also triggered the release too! (you can see the video clips down below).



Low dose Mercury exposure. Is it dangerous?


“It (mercury) can be vaporised: the vapour pressure at room temperature is about 100 times the safe amount, so poisoning can occur if mercury metal is spilled into crevices or cracks in the floorboards. Dentists are occasionally poisoned this way. Mercury easily crosses into the brain, and causes tremor, depression, and behavioural disturbances.”

Source: J Hum Hypertens. 1999 Oct;13(10):651-6. Toxicity of mercury. Langford N, Ferner R.                                                    PMID: 10516733 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
Courtesy of  St. Thomas More Secondary School, USA.
The tests involved extracted tooth with amalgam dental filling and its mercury vapor.
As expected, stimulation produced no measureable mercury vapour from the tooth without the amalgam filling. Brushing the tooth with amalgam resulted in the highest mercury vapour measruements, followed by coffee (95.5*C) and then water. In every case there was more mercury evaporating after each participant chewed the gum.

The Trouble With Amalgam Fillings – presented by Dr. Alison Adams (dentist)

Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas

The Smoking Tooth demonstration on film by Dr. Grant Layton

Exposure in Dental Offices:

Medical textbooks state that mercury from dental fillings is a potential hazard to both dental patients and the staff working in the dentist’s office.

10% of dental offices have excessive mercury vapor levels.”

According to Cecil Textbook of Medicine, 21st edition, 2000,

Going to see a conventional dentist who puts amalgam/mercury fillings in or drills out your fillings without any precautions or protection can lead to serious health consequences. I strongly advise against it. However, amalgam filling removal CAN be done safely and effectively done by a dentist trained in the correct techniques.


List of Symptoms Of Mercury Toxicity (click here)


Story of Benjamin Zander PhD

Story Of Brian Peddicord


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 Mercury is also found in many vaccines, together with other neurotoxin – Aluminum. For more info (click here)